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Our center is made up of the following Institutions

Blood Research Institute

Blood Research Institute

In 2018, the NHLBI established a national consortium of four sites to focus on career development of the next generation of biomedical investigators in glycoscience. The ultimate goal of the consortium is to push glycoscience from a niche research area into the forefront of mainstream medical research.

The Translational GlycO Program is a cross-disciplinary program for postdoctoral (MD, MD/PhD, and PhD) scholars at our institutions:

  • Blood Research Institute, Translational Glycomics Center - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Medical College of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center - Buffalo, New York

  • Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, Virginia.

Successful applicants to the program must commit at least 2 years of comprehensive glycoscience training including clinical applicability, while completing mentored research under the direction of one of the core primary mentors.  

Eligibility includes post-doctoral fellows that have completed at least 2 years of research training or have gained exceptional research qualifications during their graduate training, physicians who have completed residencies or fellowships in clinical specialties, and early stage faculty members. Candidates selected for the program will receive salary support, plus fringe benefits, commensurate with the candidate’s salary requirements for persons of equivalent qualifications, experience and rank.


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