Lab Members


Karin Hoffemeister, md

Karin was trained in Germany as a cardiologist. She joined the Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s faculty in 2001. She became the Director of the Translational Glycomics Center at the Blood Research Institute (Versiti, WI) in 2017. The goal of the Center is to determine how glycans and glyco-genetics regulate hematopoiesis during development, under steady state and in disease.

The combination of her skills as a clinician-scientist keeps the Center focused on translational aspects of research and is a prerequisite to the often needed “out of the box” thinking when approaching relatively unknown areas of investigation, such as glycans and regulation of glycol-genetics.


Christina Daniels

Christina comes from a non-profit project management background. She joined the Translational Glycomics Center at the Blood Research Institute in 2018. Her primary responsibility is to organize and oversee the day to day logistics of the K12 program as well as provide administrative support for the lab. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, camping, and playing with her two dachshunds.


Waseem Anani,MD
Assoc. Medical Director
(K12 Scholar)

Waseem received his Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology and Geology from University of Michigan. He graduated from Penn State University with a MD and trained at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Clinical Pathology. He completed his Transfusion Medicine sub-specialty training at BloodCenter of Wisconsin. Waseem joined the lab in 2018 focusing on clinical implications of glycomics related to Immunohematology. In his spare time he does woodworking and swims.


Heather Ashwood, pHd
(POSTdoctoral Fellow)

Heather has a bachelors in biochemistry from the UC Santa Barbara. She has a Masters of Research from Macquarie University, Sydney, with a PhD soon to follow. During her PhD, she studied the structural characterisation of bacterial proteins implicated in resistance and adaptation, focusing on efflux pump regulators from the multi-drug resistant bacteria Acinetobacter baumannii and novel-fold proteins from environmental bacteria. Heather joined the lab in 2018. Her work focuses on profiling components of human plasma, focusing on glycans and glycan-binding proteins, using lectin and glycan array technology. In her spare time she likes to travel and go hiking.


Robert Burns, PhD Computational Biologist
(Dry lab)

Robert earned his BS in biology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  He then went on to earn his PhD from Tufts University.  Robert’s dissertation focused on gene expression changes that occur within marine invertebrates during metamorphosis and he also explored microbial communities that exist within different salt marsh microenvironments. Robert has joined the lab in 2017 to provide expertise in analyzing large transcriptomic datasets.  In his free time Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, motorcycling, camping, and fishing.


Simon Glabere
(Research Tech)

Simon received their Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  They joined the lab in early 2018, and have been working with mouse models that have glycan mutations to find their effects on hematopoiesis.  In their spare time, they enjoy adventuring with their wife and son and volunteering with the seals and sea lions at Oceans of Fun.


Marge Kipp
(Animal Tech)

Marge received her Certification as Biotechnology Technician in 1996 followed by her BS in Business Management in 2006. She has been with the BRI since 2003. She currently supports 5 labs. When she’s not in the lab she enjoys spending time with her family and their dog Sadie. They enjoy camping, fishing and traveling.


Melissa Lee-Sundlov, Phd
(Research Scientist)

Melissa was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has a double major B.S. in Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) She continued on to finish her Ph.D. in Chemistry. During her Ph.D., she worked on designing and testing aminoglycoside drugs that target the myotonic dystrophy RNA. She then joined the Hoffmeister Lab in 2015 where she is now a Research Scientist. She is currently elucidating how aberrant sialylation can alter hematopoiesis in the bone marrow niche. In her spare time, she enjoys hot yoga, playing tennis, and learning the ukulele.


Leonardo Rivadeneyra, PhD
(Postdoctoral Fellow)

Leo received his BS in Biotechnology from the University of Quilmes (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He then completed his PhD at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). During his PhD, his main goal was to study how type I interferon regulates thrombopoiesis. He joined the lab as a postdoc in 2017 and is now investigating the role of glycans in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cells. In his free time he enjoys cooking and watching documentaries. 

Anna website picture.png

Anna Schmidt
(Research Tech)

Anna received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University of Chicago.  She joined the lab in November 2018 and has been focusing on Glycosylation patterns of red blood cells.  In her free time she likes to cook, spend time with friends and family, and play with her dog, Rafi. 


Jon WiEser
Imaging Research Tech
(Dry lab)

Jon received his BS in Chemistry from UW - Milwaukee. He joined the lab in 2017. He analyzes immunofluorescent images to study thrombopoiesis in bone marrow. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, camping, and flying RC helicopters